Online dating does he like me

online dating does he like me

  ok so i like this dude and i met him like a year ago on this game and idk if i like him and stuff. But like i think about him everyday all the time basically and hes really fun but lately hes been being like a bit cold to me yknow.

  ah, i met this guy called alex somewhere (not gonna specify where) we have been friends for 4 months and i kinda like him and he legit told me that he loves me and that he simps for me (simp lert) i like him but i dont wanna tell him that cuz hes a player and i just dont wanna get hurt.

But unfortunately our communication cut it off, he used to ask me why we can chat in hang outs i said no im not into hang outs ok ill try to register in hang outs then my registration there failed i dont know why.

If he likes me why is he still online dating? Then know hes actually telling you something in a backhanded way. If hes still looking after two or three months, hes not so subtly letting you know his ego comes first.

Online dating does he or doesnt he like me? 7 answers last post 1012017 at 1211 am. Ive met a guy online and were been messaging each other through whatapp for the past week. And although he great looking and has a great personality, i dont know he can be a bit stilted at times and i feel he just.

  so if youre asking yourself does he like me and youre finding your man cryptically impossible to read, this is the guide for you.