How to start a speed dating business

how to start a speed dating business

Just because you have logically gone through the process doesnt mean its right for you. If you dont have the enthusiasm and drive, it isnt going to get you all the way you need to go. Normally you should do some sort of research to indicate that you have a market.

Below are some of the financing options that are available to you when looking to start your speed dating business use private savings and revenue from sale of stock and property source for soft loan from family members and friends get startup capital from private investors ad business partners 14.

First you should be able to educate yourself on the type of business you plan on entering. If possible try and meet with people that are already knowledgeable in the field or already established the same type of business. Do research over the internet with regards to the basics and overall flow of the speed dating process.

As with all businesses in australia, you will need to register your business name, obtain an australian business number, a tax file number, and possibly registering for the goods and services tax.

Starter kit- you will need a starter kit that includes letter holders, stopwatch, portable address system, business cards, name tags. We would guide you on where to get these items in the most cost effective manner.

  the startup costs for a dating business can vary, and the differences hinge on what kind of website you want to have. It is possible to set up a very basic dating website for less than 1,000.