Dating someone with no friends

dating someone with no friends

If you try to date someone who doesnt have close friends, the person probably wont have as much social experience as you, and your date may have a hard time communicating or expressing himself or herself. Someone who doesnt have close friends may depend on you too much or become codependent.

No one has no friends, if your saying that they have only 1 or 2 friends, that can be good, more time for you. But no friends, sounds like they are hiding you from their life. Even family can be counted as friends, even work colleagues could count as friends, if they have none of these, red flag imho.

  its impossible to guess why your friendships dont stick and theres no uptake by others but the problem seems to be a pattern rather than a one-time occurrenceand something you want to.

I know two women who dated men who had no friends and lets just say that over time exactly why these men had no friends became apparent.

Mia young, a 21-year-old graphic design student in fort worth, texas, met her social media-less boyfriend beto during their freshman year of high school. Given how much of the high school experience is carried out online, betos indifference to instagram and other apps made young feel conflicted.

Most people who have literally no friends, however, are a bit weird or a bit antisocial. Its worth being sure that theyre actually a nice person, and its worth being sure that they wont mess you around or become overly dependent, but its not automatically a reason not to date someone.

Ive met a few girls on the internet who seem to have no friends (apart from online ones), no social life, who are basically hermits, who still have boyfriends who they seem to spend a lot of their time with.

Friends and family are the most basic outlets you can rely upon for meeting someone. While you may freeze at the notion of going out on blind dates, there is still a non-zero chance that a blind date, set up through a friend or family member, will lead to future dates.

  when youre dating someone your friends dont like, it can feel like you have to compartmentalize your life, and like youre always playing interference between the two parties trying to keep the.

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