Dating someone bipolar disorder

dating someone bipolar disorder

It is important when you are dating someone with bipolar disorder to recognize that their disease is a piece of their life pie, and not their whole identity. That being said, to a large degree, a persons bipolar disorder contributes significantly to their behavior, personality, and relationships.

Youll have to endure your partners episodes and be there to help when needed. If youre wondering what to expect in dating someone with this disorder, here are the signs of a person experiencing mania and depression.

Like any other medical condition, bipolar disorder may affect the relationship you share with your partner. It can help to understand exactly why your partners mood swings occur and how they affect behavior. Communication is key the more openly you can discuss and address it together, the better.

  other ways that dating someone with bipolar disorder can show up is in intimacy, work, and parenting.

Through my experiences these past few years, ive created a list of dos and donts when it comes to my mood disorder and dating 1. Dont assume my emotions are just some kind of a bipolar thing. I have a right to have a wide range of emotions without them being assessed as some feature of a mood disorder.

  romantic relationships with someone who has bipolar disorder dating someone with bipolar disorder can be challenging, because you cant control when your partner experiences a mood shift.

  so youre dating someone with bipolar disorder when you think of someone who is diagnosed with bipolar disorder, what do you think of? Someone who has different personalities, who is unreliable, unstable or impulsive.

  you like him, you like his friends, you like his moves in the bedroom. Then he sits you down and tells you that he has bipolar disorder.

In simple terms, bipolar disorder is a brain disorder that causes severe mood swings. If you are dating someone who has this illness, handling them can be tricky, as you could mistakenly assume theyre having a bad day, are being moody, or having trouble at work.