Dating in 40s

dating in 40s

Youre braver, smarter, wiser, and more discerning than ever.

  some women over the age of 40 are not interested in having more kids. However, there are a lot of men in their 40s who are very interested in having children. As a result, there tends to be a lot of men in their 40s who are looking for women in their 30s, says professional dating profile writer eric resnick.

  if you know right away whether your first date is worthy of a second, youre setting yourself up for failure. Intuitive dating coach nikki novo says this is a common mistake. Dating in our 40s typically means we know what we want, and we feel pressed to find it quick! She says.

Its not because youre older, pickier, or that the dating pool has shrunk. The dating pool is the same and as for your age, well, youre just a bit older and way more impatient.

  when you start venturing into your 40s, you might be wary of users who look unreasonably younger than they should, but when youre touring zoosk, you never have to worry.

  theyve lived, theyve learned and theyve loved, which means your 40-year-old man knows what he wants in terms of dating and relationships. His previous relationships have taught him what does and doesnt make him happy, says dating expert simone paget, author of the dating and relationship blog, the skinny dip.

Just as there is no reason to sleep with the opposite sex on the first date, there is also no reason to push or be clingy as well. Know that this relationship might work out for the two of you, but know also that at the initial stages, it could go either way.